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coverage Mindful Bodies LLC - Northgate Mall

Mindful Bodies LLC - Northgate Mall


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On the Web: mindfulbodies.net On Facebook: “friend” Mindful Bodies Call Us: 919-812-3172 Email us : swright@mindfulbodies.net Mindful Bodies Fees Service/Program Cost Mental Health Counseling & $60—$90 per session FM/FB Individual, Couples, or Families Sessions Shawnta Wright, MA, LPC, NCC, is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a National Certified Counselor, an AFAA certified Biggest Loser Pro, group fitness instructor & personal trainer, a licensed Zumba instructor, and the owner of Mindful Bodies LLC. Shawnta has more than 15 years of experience working with adults, adolescents, and children. Shawnta’s specialty counseling areas include Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) for weight management & obesity treatment, stress management, self-esteem, self image, adolescent & preadolescent issues, and wellness counseling. Shawnta has a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from UNC Chapel Hill and a Masters Degree in Agency Counseling form NCCU. FM/FB Gr

coverage mindful eating - Advocates for Health in Action

mindful eating - Advocates for Health in Action


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10 Stuffed. You are so full you feel nauseous. You don’t want to or can’t move, and feel like you never want to look at food again. 9 Very uncomfortably full. You need to loosen your clothes. You ate too much and can no longer be in good company. 8 Uncomfortably full. You feel bloated and your body actually starts to hurt. 7 Full. You feel a little uncomfortable. You are past satisfaction but your body still thinks it has room for a few more bites. 6 Perfectly comfortable. You feel satisfied. 5 Comfortable. You’re more or less satisfied, but could eat a little more. You’ve given your body the right amount of fuel to feel energized and productive. 4 Slightly uncomfortable. You’re just beginning to feel signs of hunger and you are thinking about food. Your body is sending signals that you might want to eat. 3 Uncomfortably hungry. Your stomach is rumbling and you have a strong urge to eat. 2 Very uncomfortable. You feel irrita

coverage Mindful Self-Compassion Sit in a comfortable position, close ...

Mindful Self-Compassion Sit in a comfortable position, close ...


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• Open your awareness to the sounds in your environment. Come into the present moment by simply listening to whatever presents itself to your ears. • Now find yourself in the room. Form an image of yourself sitting in the chair. Note your posture as if you were seeing yourself from the outside. • Next, bring your awareness inside your body. Note the world of sensation occurring there in this very moment—the pulsation and vibration of your body— just as you sat in the midst of the world of sound. • Now feel your breathing wherever it’s most apparent to you. Use a different anchor for you attention, such as the sensation of your hands in your lap, if that feels more comfortable. • Now replace the focus on your anchor with loving-kindness or self-compassion phrases. Slowly repeat the phrases, returning again and again to the phrases, or to an image of yourself sitting in

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Body & Mind Schedule


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m. Pilates Matwork with Kelly 5:15 to 6:10 p.m. Gentle Yoga with Megan 6:30 to 7:25 p.m. Yoga Basics with Janine Yoga I/II with Megan Meet your instructors Janine Chenoweth, Yoga Instructor — Teaching experience: Seven years. Practicing experience: 12 years. Certification: Expert Rating Global Certifications – yoga certification. Megan MacCarthy, Yoga Instructor — Teaching experience: Two years. Practicing experience: 20 years. Certification: Yoga Alliance 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga of the Heart™ Therapeutic Certification. Vinyasa flow style incorporates Anusara’s Universal Principles of Alignment. Kelly Wehrly, Fitness Instructor — Experience: 23 years. Certifications: SCW-EDU Pilates Matwork Fundamentals Instructor, Aerobics and Fitness Association of America – Group Exercise Instructor, and Les Mills BODYPUMP Instructor. Flex Card Our Body & Mind program provides value and flexibility to fit your busy lifestyle. You

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Program: Mind Body Medicine 4000 Course ... - Mayo Clinic


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Resilience, also described as hardiness, entails an individual’s ability to better cope with adversity and in turn survive and thrive amidst adversity. The two key elements of perception that directly impact well-being and resilience are our Attention and Interpretation. Research studies suggest that human attention is instinctively focused on threat and imperfections. Attention thus often is drawn inward in the mind, engaged within the default network of the brain. In the AIT course, you will learn to train your attention so it is more balanced, flexible, relaxed, altruistic, non-judgmental, in the present moment, sustained and purposeful. Complementing with attention training, you will be provided guidance in interpretations to take them away from fixed prejudices toward a more flexible disposition while cultivating skills such as forgiveness, acceptance, compassion, gratitude, and toward higher meaning an

coverage Mindful Mothers By Ilana D. Rosenberg, Ph.D. Mindfulness ...

Mindful Mothers By Ilana D. Rosenberg, Ph.D. Mindfulness ...


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So if you are holding your baby, you are looking at the baby, noticing the feeling of the baby in your arms, noticing the baby’s expressions. How do you think your baby is feeling right now? Its also important to be mindful to yourself and your own feelings. Its very difficult in the modern world to be mindful. There are many distractions eg cell phones, ipads and many times its tempting to text or email while with your baby. That’s fine, but taking just a moment here or there to be mindful of yourself and your baby can be helpful. Lets start by being mindful of your breath. Just notice one breath from the inhale to the fullness of the lungs to the feeling of the release of the exhale. Now notice your feet, legs touching the floor. Now you are present. Now notice the feeling of your baby against your skin and against your body. You can practice a moment of mindfulness any time of the day. Being present to yourself and your baby in the p

coverage Download a PDF on BODY/MIND [242 KB] - benjamin füglister

Download a PDF on BODY/MIND [242 KB] - benjamin füglister


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a j 1/7 Year of production 2006 Show 2007, pep+no name gallery, Basel, Switzerland 2009, piclet.org / PopUp / #1 / Berlin, Germany Contact www.benjaminfueglister.com contact@benjaminfueglister.com Untitled, from »Body/Mind«, 2006. Inkjetprint, 36 x 36 cm Body/Mind »Unforgettably horrible is the naked body. It really does not have the slightest charm.« Wir sind keine Freunde der Verwahrlosung! Sadness lives in each of us – the human body is made up of 80% water and 100% time. These are elements of mortality against which the human spirit wages war. Health crazes and the beauty business are the weapons with which we try to forget death. Such are the thoughts that invade the observer of the Body/Mind series by Benjamin Füglister. The body is on the run, fleeing from itself, outrun by gravity - a force that executes its painful handiwork invisibly. Bodies are wounds of creation, and art

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Formation Professionnelle de Body- Mind Centering® - SOMA


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soma-france.org info@soma-france.org +33 (0) 1 42 02 74 77 63 bd de Ménilmontant 75011 Paris Le Body-Mind Centering® Le Body-Mind Centering® est une approche de réorganisation somatique par le mouvement et le toucher. Conçu par Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, le BMC est une étude du corps en mouvement qui passe par l’expérience : principalement par des explorations de mouvement et de toucher, mais aussi par l’étude de l’anatomie et de la physiologie. Ce travail invite à une découverte des systèmes du corps (squelette, système nerveux, système musculaire…), qui font chacun émerger des états de corps, des qualités de mouvement et des états d’esprit spécifiques. Le BMC propose également de revisiter les étapes du développement de l’enfant et de prendre conscience des habitudes de mouvement de chacun, afin d’en élargir la gamme des possibles. Nous affinons le ressenti et la mobilité des tissus et des systèmes du corps à l’aide du mouvement,




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M.S. Hacher’s writings are considered in the Introduction. The main subject of the considerations is Philosophy of the Human Being. The article of P.M.S. Hacker that is presented in English is devoted to the subject. Keywords: mind, body, person, culture. §1. The emergence of the concept The concept of a person is central to our thought about ourselves, our nature, and our moral and legal relations. That human beings are persons is not a trivial tautology, but a fundamental claim about our moral status and our singularity in the order of nature. ‘A person’, Kant wrote, ‘is a subject whose actions can be imputed to him. Moral personality is therefore nothing other than the freedom of a rational being under moral laws’. ‘Whereas’, he added, ‘psychological personality is merely the ability to be conscious of one’s identity in different conditions of one’s existence’1. No philosopher has pla

coverage Can We Solve the Mind--Body Problem? Colin ... - Art-Mind.org

Can We Solve the Mind--Body Problem? Colin ... - Art-Mind.org


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